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About Us


Maintaining Mission Readiness while supporting NATO and the Tri-Border community by providing outstanding medical services to the DOD and their families.


Deliver outstanding Trusted Care in a unique international environment.


  • Ensure fit and ready forces
  • Deliver safe and high-quality care
  • Train, develop and mentor our Airmen
  • Build healthy communities

Our History

Timeline of Geilenkirchen

U.S. Demand for U.S. Healthcare Created the U.S. Clinic
  • 1951 – British begin construction
  • 1953 – RAF Geilenkirchen officially opens (Fighter Squadrons)
  • 1968 – RAF mission ends, base turned over to GEAF (Pershing Missile Wing)
  • 1978 – NATO begins AWACS procurement
  • 1981 – German Missile Wing leaves
  • 1982 – U.S. used the 1st and 2nd floors of NATO dorms for the U.S. Clinic
  • 1987 – U.S. built Dental Clinic
  • 1994 – 470 ABS begins ops
    • '94–'96: 617th RSG, Sembach AB
    • '96–'01: 52nd FW, Spangdahlem AB
    • '01–'04: 52nd Support Group, Spangdahlem AB
    • '04–'05: 420th ABG, RAF Fairford
    • '05–'07: 428th ABG, Stuttgart
    • '07–Present: 52nd FW, Spangdahlem AB

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